RASA electronic health solution system

An integrated solution to mechanize all optimized processes in the supplementary medical insurance field based on the SaaS model
  • Insurers, self-insurer organizations and companies
  • Insurance companies and organizations
  • Health centers
  • Real and legal appraisers
  • The insured

What are the advantages of using the electronic health solution system?

  • Increasing insurance policyholders’ satisfaction
  • Streamlining insurance processes
  • Reducing time and cost of service delivery in insurance companies
  • Decreasing human errors in service provision and handling of medical documents
  • Enhancing supervision and quality control of service delivery
  • Online communication between healthcare facilities and insurance companies
  • Financial and operational transparency

In this section, you can see the features of the electronic health solution system

  • Ability to employ optimized processes from the stage of issuing medical insurance policies to payment of medical expenses
  • Support for various models of supplementary health insurance policies
  • Existence of an online unit and task management system to address the information needs of all stakeholders
  • Mobile app for all insurance policyholders
  • Availability of diverse analytical and statistical reports
  • Availability of default operational reports
  • Provision of tax, financial, and performance reports related to central insurance, stock exchange, etc.
  • Provision of necessary services for integration with internal systems of organizations
  • Implementation based on the latest IT technologies and fully web-based.

Rasa service brochure

For more information about the services, you can get the brochure.

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